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    OK- So the fine people at the Washington State Liquor Control Board took issue with my alleged high ranking position with the Kroger Company. It's fine... I am not bitter. I do believe them to be good people who in the end are trying to do the right thing. Unfortunately, they are enforcing laws that have not been updated since the late 1800's. And don't even get me started on the Federal Tax &Trade Bureau. Oh well. Good thing I have a great day job. For now I am still focused on early retirement from the corporate world and and then off into the world of selling my family's craft- great wine. Another Uncle of mine has also planted a seed into me about the future of importing fine Euro-Italian goods for sale. This  definite appeals to me and it surely would be of less interest to the WSLCB and the Federal TTB.... I hope.

Anyway- here is what's available currently:

  • Any supplies you might need
  • Alot of counsel, advice or consoling
  • A nice glass of wine, good times and laughter
  • 2006 Pinot Noir
  • 2006 Zinfandel
  • 2006 Gewurtraminer
  • 2006 Barberra
  • 2006 San Giovese
  • 2007 Zinfandel


    I have always had a fascination for the farming part of my families culture- particularly tomatoes. I don't know what it is. Honestly I can't hardly stand them unless they are a in great red sauce, in a burger or a club type sandwich. Anyways, I started growing them from seed a few years ago in a little greenhouse I bought. This year I became the exclusive supplier of plants for my family and their friends (aka the old folks). Things really turned out great and I can easily see expanding on this in the next few years. Also, in the last few years I started growing basil and making into a pesto sauce which I package into serving portions and freeze. Also have peppers and egg plant starts I grew from seed. We will see where that goes.

2008 Crush


    This years crush was a success. Over the past few weekends I have worked steadily bottling last years wine and crushing/processing this years. I purchased the grapes from the same source my dad and all the old Italians have used for years. This year I had a unique opportunity to pick my Uncle's (Zio Antonio) grapes for him and make the wine for him. All together I made somewhere around 76 gallons of wine. Next year I intend to easily double that.  Check out the pics.... and please ignore the dates on the pics. My bad.